Uniforms and Work Accessories for Tallahassee

We provide uniforms for many commercial and industrial businesses from artisans to veterinarians. We invite you to come into our store to see the full selection we have in stock. On this page, our focus will be on our specialization with the medical field.

Medical Uniforms

It used to be that scrubs only came in one or two colors. Nowadays there is a wide variety of options when choosing the style, cut and design of uniforms for the medical profession. Give your staff the option to express a bit of themselves in their choice of uniform or pick more traditional uniforms with modern accents to enhance the look of your Tallahassee team.

Scrubs: The most essential form of apparel for those in healthcare, from surgeons to medical assistants, scrubs protect and give authority. There are many different companies that manufacture these indispensable pieces of attire and we carry many of the most-known brands. 

Lab coats: The traditional white lab coat is a must for many laboratory and medical professions however, there are still options to choose from. Length, material, cut, number of pockets and fit are just a few considerations.

One of the manufacturers we are most proud to carry is Medelita. Diverse in style and fit, Medelita offers a fabric that is extremely durable, stain resistant, bacteriostatic, quick-drying, moisture-wicking and fluid-repelling.  If you are looking to invest in a lab coat that fits perfectly and is made to last, Medelita should be a serious consideration.

Footwear:  Medical footwear is not the most flattering or stylish but when a person’s well-being is the main concern, practicality is key. Though in truth, the style of footwear has improved significantly since our store first opened 50 years ago. We cannot promise you that you will find a designer shoe that will exactly matches your personal taste, but we can promise you that you will find expertly crafted slip-resistant footwear that is comfortable and meant to take the wear and tear of your job.

Accessories - Medical and More

There is a great deal more needed than apparel for a profession. That is why Hellen’s Uniforms also supplies medical accessories to the people of Tallahassee.

Stethoscopes: Stethoscopes are iconic in the medical field and are also the most misplaced of all medical equipment. Colleagues, when  in need, will grab whichever stethoscope is close by, leaving others to go on the hunt for new ones. We carry stethoscopes of varying colors as well as accessories to help indicate the owner.

Bp-cuffs: Come and see our selection of blood pressure cuffs and accessories. We will certainly have what you need.

Hemostats: One of the most popular surgical tools we supply to the medical professionals of Tallahassee, we carry medical grade forceps for every situation. 

And more: Scissors, compression socks, shoe and mouth covers, aprons and a great deal more.

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