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Hellen’s Uniforms may be your one-stop shop for medical uniform solutions, but we know there’s a lot more to providing great care than how you’re dressed. Founded in 1968, we’ve been providing superior equipment to Tallahassee medical professionals for over 50 years!

Passed on through families, Hellen’s Uniforms is deeply rooted in Christian heritage and the strong values that allow us to better serve our clientele.

A Littmann Quality authorized dealer, our commitment to customer satisfaction begins with your first call to our offices. Offering expertise and professionalism at all times, we can assure a pleasant and rewarding transaction whenever you deal with our team for the purchase of medical accessories.


You can hear the difference in a quality stethoscope. While it’s no doubt convenient to purchase your stethoscope online, nothing can beat trying out a few models in person first to make sure they work for you. Our wide range of stethoscopes offer something for everyone!

Composed of a chest piece, diaphragm, tubing, headset, and ear tubes, what works for one professional won’t work for every professional.

At Hellen’s Uniforms, our knowledgeable staff will always do their best to equip you with a stethoscope that fits your needs as well as your budget.

BP Cuffs

As a medical professional, blood pressure cuffs are an important part of monitoring your patients’ wellbeing. You’re going to need to purchase a BP cuff that fits a variety of arm sizes, is priced reasonably, and is easy to use.

But there are a lot of other features to consider as well. Do you want a cuff with an irregular heartbeat detector or risk category indicator? With the latest in BP cuff technology you also have the potential for download capabilities and different types of displays.

Whether you have specific needs or need help finding the best BP cuff for your use, we’re happy to help.

Hemostatic Forceps

There’s a lot of outlets you can purchase hemostatic forceps through. Universities, even Walmart. However, when you’re looking for durable medical equipment that does exactly what you expect it to, you can always rely on Hellen’s Uniforms.

Being able to control bleeding is important for a multitude of surgical procedures and finding yourself saddled with forceps that can’t do the job will put you in a very difficult position. You wouldn’t put your Tallahassee patients in the hands of a subpar medical professional, so don’t put subpar equipment in your hands.

Your Medical Supply Store

Hellen’s Uniforms has been providing a wide range of uniforms, uniform altering service, and durable medical equipment to Tallahassee medical professionals for over 50 years.

Whether you’re on the lookout for stethoscopes, BP cuffs, hemostatic forceps, or our other options including scissors, compression socks, shoe and mouth covers, aprons, and more—you can count on us to provide all you need and then some.

Don’t have a favorite medical supply store? Get ready to change your mind! And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask.

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